Introduction Part 2!

Hello Friends

So continuing from my previous post I would like to tell you what exactly I do or rather what my job is all about.

What is the most basic thing that a Digital Media/Marketing expert should know? Yes you guessed it right

Google Analytics! 

So during my first month of training we were told to study  GA , read the tutorials given at :  after loging in from our account and then finally we had to clear the GOOGLE ANALYTICS CERTIFICATION. It is a 50$ certification

I spent most of my time going through the video tutorials and practicing the samples questions given below and then finally gave the test (I hate giving test , specially multiple choice questions). For those who want to have a look and see what is the tutorial all about , here is the link

The tutorials are really helpful , do not forget to read the additional links , lot of questions were asked from them too!

I managed to get a decent score of 85/100 , you need a minimum of 80 to pass.

So now its been few months using Google Analytics and I pretty much know each and every functionality. I cannot even begin telling how effective this tool is , It helps you track your websites and your apps as well. You can make so many decisions just by analyzing the data.


If there is anything you want to know about the procedure or the exam feel free to comment below 🙂





Hi Everyone

This is my first ever post on my first ever blog!  I admit I have ignored the power of blogging though I have always loved writing. Nevertheless its a start and I hope to continue it.

I , a recently MBA graduate got the opportunity to start my career with one of the biggest news/media company of my country.

Excited as I am , it also makes me nervous. First job .. you get it don’t you? 😛

I joined in the Digital Media team (hence the name of the blog). I have always been interested in the world of Digital Technology and Social Media. Words like SEO , SEM , PPC , CPM , Google Analytics , Google Adwords and so many more ! have always made curious to know how does it all really work?

Well I am one of those lucky students turn professional who is getting a chance to learn and work on things they are interested in.

So what is the blog about? and Why should you even read it?

It is a blog of a novice who is slowly and steadily getting a hang of the DIGITAL WORLD

It is for all those people who are just like me ..trying to learn and grow in the field of Digital Marketing. There are so many tools and too much information out there that we tend to get confused.

Hence it is my journey .. my learning and growth as I make an attempt to understand this huge phenomena which is all around us yet only a few of us understand it.